Ручной инструмент для резьбы по кости

Bone Resort

Клепики - ручной инструмент для резьбы по кости

Armourage tool

The bone-in cartridge is one of the most beautiful types of rubber, and the special development of the rubber has taken place in Holmogor and China. The principle of cutting is to drip and remove the background sections and thus create an ornamental or storyal commentary based on continuous contiguous images. The bone leaves the thinest partitions between the propyles, and the strength of the product is not compromised. This is a rather complex and delicate process that requires a patience and careful master. One bad drunk can ruin all the work.

Клепики - ручной инструмент для резьбы по костиThe rubble is carried out with the help of a bormachine, which is drilled by the openings of a charo-like burger, which is later sprinkled by a pubic. It is most appropriate to use compact micromotors, such as Marathon Bormachine and the lobster lobes for the jewellery, to have different thicknesses depending on the size of the floating area. After all the necessary parts are scattered in the next instrument, the laundry. It's an improvised tool designed to remove the remaining irrational and chromatic propellers.Клепики - ручной инструмент для резьбы по кости A handwritten was manufactured from the instrumental steel, followed by the necessary form, depending on the characteristics of the rubber, followed by a dental sieve, a large or small cutting. The size of the stack is different in the width of the dental step.

Instruction for gravity

It's called a small ornamental cut to the surface of a finished bone product to enrich the estetical impression of the subject. Equation is performed on well-filled plates on finished articles. It's one of the most recent operations in the manufacture of grammar products.

Клепики - ручной инструмент для резьбы по костиWidespread is used on the bones, on the dense surface of the reindeer Roga, the whale ear and the shredded cow rogue. Catalot's cube can have a pretty bright color. It is recommended that he be bleached before the grammar.

To perform the gravity, a bone shall be drawn with a flat natural colour, a dense structure, no cracks and shudders, no scratches and kernels. In order to correct such deficiencies, the surface of the product is sliphated and re-filled. It should be noted that the skilled use of gravity techniques conceals some minor cracks on the surface of the object, including them in the gravure drawing.

The equation is performed by a manual instrument: clamp, cocoa, reef, global needle and mechanical: bormachine with a set of gravy beans.

Клепики - ручной инструмент для резьбы по кости Клепики - ручной инструмент для резьбы по кости