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Vitals Of Cutting Through The Tree

If you remember, the last time you and I stayed at home in the seventieth to eightieth years of the past century and tried to take on different deals. The drip fish, the match house. This time, we'll continue to remember the last-century childhood sitting in our room. And we'll get some lighter, rubber and hammer.

“I will burn your eyes...”

At the Soviet time, this creepy phrase could mean a completely harmless situation. I just needed to help a kid trying to paint someone's picture on the board, light up beautiful eyes. However, the art of ignition in those years was indeed mass, but it was perfect for not all.

These magical instruments, called " Shadow " , were not very expensive, and it was therefore a pleasure for parents to give their children to any of the holidays without fear of an accident. This is despite the fact that this " Shadow " could have both been burnt and burnt. But nobody thought about it. I mean, the kid would love to be a craftsman without eating adults.

But what a pleasant feeling is to take a piece of plywood, to put on it a favorite painting with a copy paper, and slowly torch, inhaled with a magical scent of a burning tree. And you didn't have to be a big artist or a serious master. The device itself left an invisible brown trail on the cheek. The point is not to be wrong. It's not possible to fix the burnt picture.

Having this device at home, I was wondering if I could give my mom a birthday or 8 March. Of course, the split board with the original drawing on it. She could have been hanged in the kitchen. Simple and practical.

White through black

But my favorite kind of homework was a gravier on a tree. It's a more serious step towards stubborn art. And to make this gravure, there was a set of special rubbers. When I was given this kind of kit for my birthday, I'd rather quickly learn this uncomplicated but shy technique.

First, we should've had a good stack of plywood. Then with the lipstick, cover his thin layer of a normal black carcase. After drying, it was the best time to put the future picture on board at this stage, drawing a pencil to be loyal.

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