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Sad Pavilion
State Museum A.S. Pushkin
(sing) Cropotkinsk, 12,
entrance to the Djeldol Bulk

Exhibit "Well, why don't you call the DEA? ♪ ♪ ”
Furniture of Marquetry from GMP meeting

The Sadov Pavilion has an exhibition entitled " Marquetry in the meeting of the State Museum A.S.Центральная розетка в паркетном полотне Садового павильона выполнена из 9 ценных сортов дерева. Pushkina, prepared jointly with Parket Hall.

The close relationship between incremental furniture and the sexes created such an interesting and unusual project.

The packing technicians - Marquetry (French marquer - Disclosure, Display) - were called in Russia by the " wooden mosaic " , the " sticker " , and the " work " .Стол шахматный. Западная Европа. Вторая половина XIX в. Орех, карагач, фанеровка, токарная работа. В наборе: клен, орех, яблоня. The view was drawn from pieces of plywood, which were placed on furniture carcas in accordance with a pre-designed sketch.

Arts and ornamental comments that stole furniture were also widely used in the construction of a street park. Parking or parketry is a small geometric ornament from two to three woods or even from a tree of one species. Plywood slices were placed at an angle to each other, taking into account the different directions of wood fibres, which created thin layers of shades.

In Russia ' s established tradition, the same metropolitans that specialized in the building of furniture were manufactured and the parks were constructed. Regrettably, the absence of stamps or signatures on most of the furniture items performed in Russia leaves little room for linking the names of known workshops to specific furniture works.

Furniture was more likely to be decimated not by specific, but by inspired urban landscapes, borrowed from Western European and special guidelines for furnitureers, as well as antique ruins and temples, wheat bouquets, girlands hanging on tape.
Стол шахматный. Столешница.Западная Европа. Вторая половина XIX в. Орех, карагач, фанеровка, токарная работа. В наборе: клен, орех, яблоня. Столик-«бобик» Россия, 1770–1780-е. Дерево, фанеровка, орех. В наборе: палисандр, розовое дерево, клен мореный, карельская береза, гравировка. Бюро-цилиндр Россия. Конец XVIII в. Дерево, фанеровка, латунь. В наборе: красное и розовое дерево, яблоня, черное дерево. Стол круглый. Италия, Сорренто, мастерская М. Грандвилля. Вторая половина XIX в.  Дерево, фанеровка, орех. В наборе: черное дерево, палисандр, груша, красное дерево, яблоня, клен, гравировка.