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Surveyors For The Geometric Cutting Of The Tree Of The Sketch

Old, best-trained craftsmen used to simulate the rust without sketches, improvising the sights, less pre-prepared drawings consisting of simple geometric elements, triangles, rectangles, trapes, squares and rumbs produced in decoration composions.

The cutting machines of the tri-strangular and excavation pieces are quite simple. There are two main phases of work: calculation and cut. For example, in order to cut the triangle into the middle of its image, a point shall be placed in which the knife is placed under a small inclination so that its nose enters the wood by 2 to 3 mm, and the heel barely touches the top of the triangle. Then, from the middle point, there is a calculation to the other two peaks.

After healing, the master begins with a cut that removes the tree from the middle of the triangle by forming a crushed pyramid.

Typically, the tri-layer cutting remained intact but was sometimes thinned with a track prepared from the ukus where metal objects (wag or nails) were held. After the thinning, the surface of the slash board was slightly stiff, with the glacier being made lighter and the rubber looked more counterfeit and relay.