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His name is Zane Wylie. He lives in Virginia and sells real human skulls online. No, he's not stealing them from the cemeteries, but he's buying them legally. What's unusual? The thing is, Zane cuts out very beautiful eyes on them. Thus, the skull of a living man who has kept a whole world of ideas and ideas becomes a material for art.

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Резьба по черепу: Instagram художника, который вырезает невероятные узоры на настоящих человеческих черепах

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Source: Vocativ

As the artist himself confessed, he had loved everything that had to do with his skulls since he was a kid, and he just loved Marvel's comics, the Ghost Ranger.

To use the skulls of people in his creativity, he started in 2011, when on the eBay Internet auction, he found a lot from a British archaeologist collection.

That skull once belonged to a European living in the sixteenth century, but while it hit Zeina, it lost almost all its teeth. The artist called him Joric.

Wyley sold his first turtle work, too, on eBay, after which he purchased more materials and launched his real HumanSkull.com. Here, prices start at $4,900.

The demand for his work is growing, but the artist has recently encountered difficulties: eBay has changed the rules and is now prohibited from selling human bones. Now Zaina has to look for materials elsewhere, including in Instagram and Facebook.

Zane says that it's hard to distinguish a legitimized skull from a stolen cemetery: the bones of the grave will certainly be marked by the remnants of the earth.

Zane's working in his house garage. According to him, neighboring children preferred to walk his house around.

Before you start a job, the artist tries to appreciate it, he'd like it if it was so embarrassed to his own skull after his death.

By the way, he'll be able to make his skull. This requires $950 deposits that are not returned.