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The basic rules of the Nard can be understood with any set, but the mystical and legendary world of one of the most ancient human inventions can only be found with the best boards that absorbed and transmitted the history of this amazing game.

East oversight

The porridges played, the peaches predicted their fate, the Hindu thought they were more complicated and more complicated than chess. Who invented the nardas is now impossible to say, for the right to be considered a country where the first figs were created, is fighting Percia, Egypt. One thing is, only a sophisticated and influential eastern mind could create a game where the perfect simple rules and the most complex strategies for their victorious implementation have come together.

What if you look at the narcs differently?

In order to get into the atmosphere of the thinest gambling game, to feel its intellectualism and irony, it is worth turning away from simple street sets with their unthinkable parties. It's worth playing the real narciss-- wooden, pointy, disgraceful. Founded. Eastern.

Beauty will save the party.

It's true, starting to play good nards, I don't want to go back to a simple home. It's not even that you get used to it. It's just that when there's a pleasant glacier in the hands, and in front of the eyes, a stunning east end of a hand-burn, it's easier to lose. And wins better.

East and Nardodians

This set will be a real pleasure:

  • A value of the game that prefers quality accessories
  • East leader
  • Collector Nard.

It is also a universal, representative and, at the same time, a very low-cost gift to a colleague, to a teacher and to a friend for his birthday. Especially a friend, because he's the one who's gonna ask you to play with him in these adorable scumbags.