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Surface Risk

простой рисунок хной для рукThe risk of snoring by body - mendi or mechandi in India is a traditional jewelry and art. The art of mechandi is, in some ritual form, so the shaded hand and legs are a compulsory bridesmaid without which no respectful person and his family of Indians will be married. And the ladies and girls around her should also show their celebrity.
Mendi (spoke in) is also a good reason for evading domestic responsibilities, and since whining on all the rules is not a matter of urgency, it can be assumed that Indian women sometimes take the opportunity to have a holiday on a solemn occasion.

Simple pictures of the Indians are hand-holding for everyday decoration, but for the holiday, for example, the wedding on the arms and legs is drawing complex ears with a lot of small parts, sometimes seeing mendy like circumferential gloves, the thickness of the line on the thread of the string and the size of the holiday mechands from the shoulders.

Well, since mechandi is a legitimized tradition, in India, artists produce albums with mendy's eyes and erronearies, so that Indians can flourish the complexity and originality of the drawing on their body, more accurately the allowed open sections.
Specially for the visitors of the Indonesian, I acquired a booklet, a collection of popular drawings of kin Lovely mehandi designs of the bangalore publisher, and I took pictures of some of them.
In my album, there are very simple drawings and very complicated with a thin outline of the details that I couldn't honestly repeat, with my drawing experience as a matter of fact. Maybe you can. ♪ ♪

The drawing tech is not complicated - buying snacks and paintings, recipe for mendi cooking at home and mechandi process technology, I described separately with the articles of the blank. Training and
The scanner's not home, I had to do it. Surveillance photosSo I'm sorry for the quality of the picture. ♪ ♪

First, simple hand-held paintings, I think they're the most used photos.

3 uncomplicated feet

Let's go to the complex, first. Hand mechandise

And to be a very real Indian beauty, you need mendy on your feet, too;

Recently, very many samples of mechandi disincentives of different complexity, more specifically biota with mechandi, have been found in the section.

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