Не бояться пробовать, не бояться критики, совершенствоваться и

Risks By Carnage

The artists are inclined to believe that their work depends largely on inspiration. Many artists believe that talent can be all, and that the efforts they invest in their work contribute to the development of this talent. Edison's famous imagination that invention is 10% of inspiration and 90% of hard labour seems reasonable, but perhaps not always applicable to the work of an artist.

For many years, I've been graphically decorated. And for the same long years, I thought that frustration, work and special equipment were undetectable components of the silkographical elevation process. The computer graphics that I'm working on now have led me to a new level of more sophisticated, sophisticated and completeness of the process. Not entirely believing in my power, I started to develop a system that brought the modest process of silkographic herding to a new quality. This system has not only allowed me to work much faster, but has taught me how ideas are born and has demonstrated the value of cooperation.

An accidental visit to the vendors' sales show reminded me of Edison's sight. Watching the demonstration, I'm quite unexpected, and I intuitively came to a decision that's been looking for so long.

And I've been watching the color printer show, the printers on the cards and the stationery and postal forms. Working with several suppliers and students, I started a three-and-a-half-year study and the development of a method to adapt this machine to a serial reproducing of images on metal with acid-proof rubbers. The printer needs minutes to carry hours or days. This is how long it took to take photo-tracks using conventional photosensing. I owe a lot of students at the Djok University and Penland School for their desire to help me in my attempts to achieve a qualitative outcome and to pick up non-toxic resuscitators and solvents.