Выпиливание лобзиком основные правила

Lobby Watch

Чертежи для выпиливания лобзиком из фанерыFanner leaf is a real work of art that contains abundance and ease. Almost no special equipment is required to carry out its ideas. It's just a lobster and a big wish.

The experience of lobster communication and the quality of the selected material is central to the process of creating plywood. And the existence of good drawings. It's only as a result of a properly rescheduled sketch that you'll be able to make a piece of art from the usual plywood.

More suitable for the cutting will be a mere plywood between 3 and 10 mm. In addition, it will be necessary:

  • A copy of the paper to transfer the
  • Glass paper to smash the details
  • Retail or caseine cell composition to glue the details of the various shades
  • transparent lac.

Before starting the work, the raw materials of small glass paper should be carefully slurped, and then the devices could be translated. Risks with tightened narrow elements need to be transferred to the sheet in such a way that they are located along the thin layer of the plywood.Чертежи для выпиливания лобзиком из фанеры That's how the highest strength will be ensured.

Today, plywood is divided into many species, each of which is created for specific purposes. It is worth remembering that during your work, you will have to breathe small dust and evaporation from plywood that are not safe for health in all material.

Specialists recommend the use of leaflets made with carbamid-formaldehyde cells. Such sheets are marked by FC. This plywood is sold in pure form or with coating, for example, lac. Clean sheets are more comfortable to move the drawings for a further cut by a manual lobster. FFS labels are for furniture production, but they are mostly produced by a thickness exceeding 12 mm.

Marcou FB was designed as material for boats and yachts, so the cost is quite high, but it will be appropriate to cut.

The FSF stamp is certainly not worth buying. Despite its attractive appearance, it's quite toxic because it's produced using phenol resin.

The plywood recipe can be:

  • a duty station
  • Plywood
  • Drinking
  • Combined method.