Прорезная резьба по дереву: видео-инструкция по монтажу своими

Excessive Rubber

The traditional type of Russian folk arts associated with the artistic processing of the tree is Berest

A variety of farm-based items were created from the shores: Tues, baskets, butterflies, scales, lars. These products were decorated by acrements, squeezing, writing. The characteristics of the actual properties of the Beres predetermined the arts of its handling, which are based on the free movement of the rubber on the shore, and the shapes of the ornament themselves are mild, plastic.

The shores are always poetic, infiltrated by a sense of love for the plant ornament and the animal world, perfected by the executive skills.

The emergence of outlet fishing is at the end of XVIII. Geography of the main shore rubber centers - Great Ustug, c. To the mouth of the O'N, and to the L's. However, the boundaries of the peasant art craft associated with the manufacture of goods from the outlet are considerably broader. They reach the wolog and archangel lands. So far, there's a seclud here, making things for the house.

The ornament of the natural berries has undoubtedly been influenced by the giant black blackness of the country, as well as by the wood, the bone cutting, the circumference, the humiliating tissue.

Until recently, the Centre for Excessive Berests was the Shi e-modian compound of the Vologodka Area, and the production of such products has now been established in the People ' s Arts Entities in the Kirov Valley.

Armoured ribs due to its feasibility. The sight shall be on the soft, " barhat " surface of the berries with a blunt stitch from which the thin dried contour remains on the shore. The sharp knife removes all the windows of the background, resulting in the creation of a mild ferret circumferential ornament. The decorational division of the parts, the so-called " scheduling " , is carried out by the same silk.

The cut ornament shall be placed on the caps of the scale and hand boxes, on decorative walls. The dark background of wood or coloured foil is placed under the arnament, " showing " the stubborn rhythm of the vegetative shape of the ornament, the substance of the commentary. ♪ ♪