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Village Sketches

Tattoo Tattoo takes back the stitches of the last 40th century, such tattoos were made by the criminal world, they defined their membership in gangs. Today, this style remains popular, but already among the world ' s youths.

The great features of the chino in the clarity of the contour of the drawing are usually black, but now many have crossed into colour. The standard chico tattoos are saints, namely Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, St. Lucas. Over time, Santa Muerte joined them, which led to the beginning of a separate branch, the Muerte style, and the tattoos in that way portray girls with mama (person) death.


The tattoo class is black. The Black Work is just the perfect choice for black-coloured lovers, because its main feature is black paint on large parts of the body, it's the big, small tattoo in black.

This style is often used in mixtures with all kinds other than this, which is an excellent option for those who have " shameful " tattoos to be removed.

Old Sculle (old school)

The old school of the seafarers in the 19th century, certain pictures on the body they thought were some kind of cordon, so this style has standard (the most popular) drawings, most commonly the anchors, lambs, roses, hearts, knives. Usually, the ald-sculus involves small, bright drawings, often writings.

Dotverk (Dotwork)

Trust is ideal for tattoos based on geometric forms. The tattoos performed in this style consist of many different intensity points. The main color of the style is black, sometimes red, less than other colors.

New sculpture (New school)

Usually, the tattoos of the new sculpture are humoristic, often portrayed by popular characters of the mulphilms, but it's possible to give a fantasy flight, to welcome any bold and sometimes inadequate ideas. Like the ald sculpture, the new school combines a variety of bright colors. The central drawing has clearer and brighter contours than the rest.