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Village Lobster Of Drawings And Sketches

Художественное выпиливание лобзиком - пропильная резьбаRhys. 4.


The propellant rubber is the variety of the cut, it's the most suitable for the booze. The bases of the thumb are a thick cross-ornament. Beauty of the hip wooden strips on the beach of the houses. The encroachments of the vegetation or geometrical ornaments look beautifully against the background of the wall. The most common motive is the S-like scroll with the ends. It's very attractive in the ropes (or in the drinking of a lobster, pils) animals and birds. Interesting motives of the snake, which is an ancient patron of the house, the snake most often accepts the type of dragon.Художественное выпиливание лобзиком Women ' s figure is also an ornament in the ropes.

Rhys. 5. Spring

Excessive rubber. It uses a flat ornament most. The specificity of the ornament for the cut-off: the elements of the rubber deprived of the background shall be contacted and circumscribed. If the elements of the sighting have different heights, it's called an arc. In the cut-off, the portions of the background that are removed are small in size, and in shape are very beautiful and create their own oscillation. Large wood cuts are used in this area. The steep ornament line is emitted on wooden background. Furniture and household items are stolen by a cut-off. If the smooth background on which the cut-off is located is removed, the drawing contour will be suitable for the boiling of the lobster (Figures 6-8, 10).

Художественное выпиливание лобзиком - прорезная резьбаDistinct Excision It's from the stick. The main difference is the way to get the fallout parts. In the cut-off, the grid is formed with a rubber, in a propeller with a twisted bee, i.e. the sample is replaced by a saw.

Drinking is found in other applied arts. The following cuttings are identified in the drinking equipment:

  • in-depth - geometrical, bracketed, contour (Figure 9);
  • A flat-blue with an enchanted contour, with a underground, with a fountained background;
  • Relay is barlef, burner;
  • Excessive, flat or relay, consignment note, propellant;
  • volume.

Types of cutting images: geometric, animal and bird vegetation, human, facial, furniture, interior.

Deep cut is used in the boiling machine. Geometric ornaments are simple in performance, diverse. Virtually every item decorated by an in-depth cutting is cayma cut in different lanes. More sophisticated ornaments are also applied, with many rays, triangles, squares, flowers.