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The album presents our executive capacity. wood cutting workshops
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Methane knives to buy bobs Electronic books on rubber and wood processing [ ]
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On our site of different styles and directions, IAF (multiple architectural forms) from wood, children ' s towns, wooden chassis of different shapes and sizes, wooden wells, wooden sculpture, house rubber, pergolic, flat-rolef, children ' s fields, barelep, geometrical, wholestudy, Preparing staircases of staircases . Articles on rubbing, wood, staircases, tools are available.

Any questions you're interested can be resolved here.

Ordering any wood cut makes it easier.

Inside interior interior interior interface and landscape decoration, flat-role, cut, sculpture, barelef, for baths, for staircases, church cuts, icons, chasing, garden sculptures, miniature sculptures, stacks of different kinds of furniture and many others. We'll do it quickly and in time!

We're in ContACT.


We're talking, talking, bragging about achievements, offering pictures and videos of ours and just beautiful work on the subject.
A painter is required for a wooden sculpture.

Wood sculptures are required to produce a garden sculpture high from 1m. Graduate students and senior students at the Bogorod School of Wood Removal will benefit from professional skills!

I'll buy a topse of 35 cm diameter with a 1m long.

Storage is required to make housekeepers on the well (Mr. Ramenski)