Выжигание по дереву – Алми

Village Burning Plants

Pyrography, or wood burning, is the type of decorative-consignment art, which consists of material (mostly wood, from which the second, common name of the plant) of the drawing with a rocked needle. Electrical pyrographics are now used for the hend-made wood burning in these days, capable of maintaining the high temperature of the planting necessary for this painting for a long time.

The wood combustion technology is quite simple. On the Masters Fair, you will find detailed wood burning lessons for starters, where the master will tell the basic principles of pyrographic work, wood selection and preparation, the drawing phases will show. It's gonna be a tree and a baby burn. In keeping with the rules of safety, under the guidance of adults, your little boy can easily understand this hobby. Of course, in this case, as a tree-burning sketch, it is better to choose simple contour drawings that can be supplemented in a ready-to-work with oil or acrylic paints.

Faster learning about this interesting technique will be done by watching the lighting video, because you will be able to create a drawing immediately after a clear explanation of each stage. You'll meet a wood burning master class, where the authors show how to correctly select the needles for different types of drawing, open up ways for you to rectify possible errors and demonstrate the options for completing the work. 'Cause with a burnout with your hands It is possible to create not only penny and paintings, but also, for example, unusual cover for blocks and even jewellery.