Резьба по дереву: фотографии, рисунки и эскизы для начинающих

Tree Lobster

Thought I'd share my experience in a tree rubber. I'll start with the fact that, in recent times, there's been an increase in all the productions under the kind of goods we've been hand-held. And the existence of these thoughts and the free time has pushed me to try to do something, really, with your hands.♪ Actually, it's not my first job of this kind of thing that just decided to start with her if I'd like to put something else in the future.
Started with the sketch.

So I decided I wouldn't use the electric tool to drink this lobster.

And that's what happened.

Afterwards, at nights, under some film or Hearthstone, he took out everything with a knife.

After the knife, he's got all the cloth and he's covered with hot lion oil.

It's after the oil.

The strongest thing I've ever noticed is that the sketch doesn't exactly match what happened, it's because it's been stabbed with all these little details and decided to simplify the final result. It certainly wasn't very informative, but it was the first post.