The Tree Of The Roof Of The House Of The Sketches

Many of us want to steal their house with personal cash, magnificent oak furniture, luxury carpenters, mascaroons and staircases... re-establishing the atmosphere of oldness both outside and inside.

Of the diversity of the interior decoration materials, a tree seems to be particularly worth highlighting, as it is almost the only material with a multi-faceted denomination and colour that has unusual plasticity and, together with the strength and ability to maintain the long-distance form that is warm and breathing. The tree is green, being created by nature itself, it has always been considered to be the perfect material for building and interior separation.


The artistic cutting of the tree is a decoration, which has been regarded for centuries in a row as a model of good taste, as a manifold and as an unusual beauty.
Strong, sophisticated wood arts Removal of apartments, bottage, as well as suburban houses, to create an individual style close to their owners.

Village can be decorated with almost everything: the exterrier is the outside of the house, as well as conversations, benches, roofs of wells, that is, that is, what is located in the countryside is a single whole and involves a single style, as well as an interior of the house, respectively, and the number of objects that can be decorated by art. The frames for mirrors, furniture, doors are just a small part of what could be painted by wood cuts. Small architectural shapes can also be produced from the tree by painting the arc with a sharp drawing.

Total classics and new technologies

It is worth noting that the artistic cutting, with the attachment of the acquaintances to the outer side of the product, is not only decimating the interior of the interior of the artwork. Many manufacturers offer their customers true works of art: doors, furniture, staircases already performed with a certain style in the process of producing a certain hard figure.