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Skin Tree Resurrection

Деревянная скульптура совы из пняWhat can't be a skilled scout! Even a boring, lifeless foot, through their inspirational efforts, can get a second breath, turning into an exquisite sculpture. We'll meet one of these man-made masterpieces, a huge owl made from the womb of a dried tree, cozyly settled on one of the landing sites. A wild bird with a bright opera and an exemplary look has been performed in the best genre ' s tradition of " root " . Her beautiful relayerate is cut out of the top of the high song. The roots of an unusual wooden sculpture go deep into the ground, making it sustainable for years.

Деревянная скульптура совы из пняThe owl of a dried tree is a man-made miracle from talented masters.

By upgrading the long-distance site, many masters face the problem of bruising the pneumons left behind by the depressed trees. Today, however, this challenge can be addressed in a more creative way. There's enough creative fantasy to make the unattractive balance of the dried barrel turn into an original piece of landscape design that would decorate the green lawn and attract imaginary views. Indeed, this will require the assistance of experienced workshops for which woodis a favourite occupation and a source of inspiration.

Деревянная скульптура совы из пняDerevores ' dead people create sculptures for the roots of varying complexity, making it professional and tasteful. Another source of pride was the severe wooden statue of the 2-metre height. The figur of a giant night bird, like the one that just sat down on the edge of a cut wood, looks great in the face of vice razors. It's a well-designed rubber, covered with paw and paint, and it's beautifully poured into the sun, it's very converging with the landscape, creating a sense of magic and special proximity to nature.

The delicate sense of material, the professional possession of the instrument and special devices helped the master to make the soy incredibly realistic. The transponder was erroneously wiping the complex spatial form with full respect for the proportions, pointing out the operation of the relayer, accurately conveyed the character. Besides, as a real professional, he did not cause any damage to nature. Even the green lawn on which the work was performed was completely untouched, left fresh and similar!

Деревянная скульптура совы из пня Деревянная скульптура совы из пня Деревянная скульптура совы из пня Деревянная скульптура совы из пня