Резьба по дереву: фотографии, рисунки и эскизы для начинающих

Roar Tree Recipe

КарнизыHello, esteemed wood steamers: masters and starters of reds!

Today, you and I will make a decorational, vineyard-- a grapevine that can decorate not only a thick wooden carniza, but also a beautiful frame for mirrors, a pretty cash, to be great. building block! You can think of a lot of things! It would be a wish to steal the house with your hands!

So, they've prepared a sharply rigged instrument (how we've already told you, see here and here), a board at which the sketches were painted, the feather drilled the inner part of the ring, the electrolybsik drank the form of a wooden vinograd.

As you can see in the photo, first the straight stammies take shape on the precinct. Coal is not cut deep, and we share the harvest sector where the berries will be.

We're starting to cut out of squares of grapes and cuts until the shape of the berries meet us. And that's what we do with the grapes.

We're working with a central ring for half rounds of right size. We attach the threat to the carnival with a wooden fabric.

Виноград Желуди