бесплатные рисунки и эскизы для резьбы по дереву

Rise On Tree Of Drawing

It is no secret that many Russian and European pre-revolutionary publications, especially recurrent publications, have been rich in a variety of gravels, drawings, ornaments and other decorative elements. Now, thanks to the Internet and the fact that many libraries publish electronic copies of these publications freely, often in full with all illustrations, there is an opportunity to look at them. For an artist, a decorator, a designer and a wood smasher, this is a valuable source of information about the old ages, allowing for a sense of creativity when much was done manually, objects were skilled and fascinated when artists and illustrators painted alive. We'll gradually publish a collection of old gravels, composions, ornaments, sketches and drawings, including for wood slaughter. There will also be up-to-date wood rubber paintings by Tatyanka artists, as well as other authors who have allowed their creation to be made freely available. We'll be happy to be here and set up by you. Wood rubber♪ We hope these drawings will inspire you to create your own composions and drawings.

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