Резьба по дереву и камню

Rise On The Tree Of The Sketch

ручная резьба по деревуIt's possible now with the GRANDECOR!

2012 is the time to translate desires!

The market leader, GRANDECOR, who produces kits and interiors from the tree, made a surprise for his partners!

Our new master by woodan inspired artist, a professional of his business, creates elements of any complexity.

And you don't need detailed drawings. The Master will be able to make a rubber based on a photo or a sketch!

Amazing how beautiful human hands can be.ручная резьба по дереву How exactly can a specialist cut a picture on the tree.
How an effective, high-end slice can remake a lining that an artist schematically put on paper. It was possible to reproduce any classic sample retained by a medieval artist.

The master ' s skill in the cutting offers truly unlimited opportunities for designers.резьба по дереву We can order a part of the master's miracle that will be made in the only copy that will make the client's interior 100% unique. The client can boldly tell all friends and friends, guests and partners that he is the world ' s only owner of this interrier.

The advantage for furniture manufacturers is that a manual cutting master can produce elements in a drawing developed. You don't have to spend precious time drawing and setting up a detailed drawing. And it's important that the final product will be exactly different from the competitors. The main competitive advantage of the market today is design, and only by introducing unique drip caps, consoles, furniture corners, pinks, stacks, doors and furniture facades, the producer can create a non-repetition, meet the needs of its clients and strengthen its market position.