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На выставкеIn the Theatral Gallery, an exhibition of Marina Sokolova ' s work is being carried out on Mala Ordinca.

It created decorations and costumes for the leading theatres of Russia and Europe. In the exhibit, over 200 jobs, some of which Skolova made with his husband, the theatre artist and the film, Valerie Leventale.

A bright dress that is prone to the avantourm of Shaherezada's disgraceful Adelia, scattered precious stones, a more concise dress of Russian beauty - these costumes could never meet in another space.

The Exhibition Hall easily combines different ages, styles, theatres where Marina Sokolov worked. There are sketches of Rosalinda's outfit for the Theatre of the Operates "Letch Mouse." The artist designed it specifically for Galina Vishnevsky. The opera diva couldn't participate, the sketches were stored in the archives for a long time.

"This is even written here: “Vishnevsky”. Last year, Theater Operates updated the sketches on these archives. Given the characteristics of the tissue,

- That's what Anait Oganesian's Exhibition Clerk says.

" Everything she touched was precious. And she worked like a bird singing,

- Reminds Marina Sokolov. She was one of the first artists in the theatre in the 1960s to turn to the origins of popular art. She used motives in her work. woodTowns and Hohloma's essays, circumruption traditions. Lesser objects could inspire the artist.

“One day in the deep province, we saw that economic ropes were being sold. She couldn't resist. After a while, she made a curtain in makramah technology.

- Reminds Catherine Levental, the daughter of Marina Sokolov.

From the ballet to the opera, from animation to the doll theatre, Marina Skolov worked with different forms. The career started at the Soyuzmultfilm studio, working with Ivanov-Vano directors, Danielic, Norstein.