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Rearing The Tree Of The Chair Of The Sketch

Since the ancient place of burial, people have been considered sacred in some way. That is why the graves were not allowed to walk, the hills of the earth were poured, and then the chairs were set as symbols of Christian faith. This tradition has continued in our country until now.

The most commonly placed cross is the old Orthodox practice. They must be shaped and eight-year-old. The cross shall be placed in the legs or head of the deceased. This depends on the local customs, beliefs and wishes of the relatives. The cross must be made in accordance with Orthodox traditions and canons, shape, appearance.

Crosses to the grave may be made of different materials, metal, wood, stone. On the day of the funeral, the Orthodox cross from the tree is placed on the grave. It's the lightest of all kinds, and since the soil after the burial will be seduced, it's the only acceptable version of the cross. One year after the funeral, a wooden cross can be replaced by a stone, iron or marble monument.

Crop crosses may have a simple appearance, but sometimes they are stolen. cutting elements (if wooden cross). Artisanal metal crosses are manufactured with modern carpet and metal lithium technologies.

Sometimes you can see crosses with so-called domicile. That means the deceased found a new house in heaven. Another species is pamphlets. In this case, the special plate cuts the shape of the cross. As a result, a large, voluminous wrist is produced. In some cases, the cross is approaching the existing monument, maintaining the unity of style and material.