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Kudrine Rubber On The Tree Of The Sketches

русский стильIn this blog, I'd like to show you how the abramese-Kudrey products are being created. This rubber attracts me personally to the fact that anyone who wishes to understand it can understand it. Only a desire, a small set of tools and, accordingly, a wood harvest. In order to understand the rubber, it is first necessary to learn how to build a combination of future elements. That's what we'll start. Here we go!

In this area, the main basis for all the elements is the rounded-line, which is known as cry♪ I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the scream is also a key element in all the varieties of the Hohloms. The wheel may be different. It depends only on what surface you plan to cut. The variations of the possible location of the cryul are presented in the figure:

абрамцево-кудринскаяAfter we built a scream on our future product, we begin to fill the space with the following elements. Typically, there are ends of the cryulus with flowers and boutons, and sometimes even stitches. The appearance of flowers, boutons and stitches depends entirely on your fantasy, because the variations of the performance of these elements are endless. I'll show you what these elements look like in the following drawings:

Now that we have flowers and chips on our creals, the remaining space should be filled with missing elements. These elements are caps, rabbits and leaflets.народное творчество Sometimes you can scream (i.e. an arbitrary branch) without flowers and chips, but only fill in caps and leaflets, then we can make a bite. An example of the piece is presented in the figure:

It's about a step-by-step model of a composite:

Now I'll show you how I draw the picture and cut the built-in elements. For example, I took a face side of a scale of 7, 5x20 cm. First on the surface of the shouting:

Then we have the colours at the ends:

Now, in the breeding places, we're adding cheeks and the remaining space of "kill" with caps, drippets and leaflets:

Now it's time to cut. To this end, we will need a small set of tools, namely:

  • A knife slice (maybe it's more comfortable for someone to cut a beard knife, but I'm personally using it);
  • several semi-circuited units (complete enough to have on arm #12 and #7).

When you build the elements, draw attention to the fact that there are different triangles between the elements. They need to be cut first: