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Geometrical Rubber On The Tree Of The Sketch

GEOMETRICUM REGULATORY FOR DEREVIOUS, one of the most ancient and pervasive species of wooden ornamental cutting. Implemented in the form of two-, three-, four-ranging forms, which together provide a large number of different combinations. The main instrument of the rubber is a cut-off, so-called " tiger " .
The geometric cutting is subdivided into two main varieties: three-strong-letter rubber and nail (or slaughter).
The first is based on a deep-seated three-strong pyramid from which a variety of ornaments are formed. The Nogteroid has been named from a semi-circuit depression, a " nozzle " by a semi-circuit. Leaflets, tri-leaders, eyeballs.
The original geometric cutting is rising to ancient multilingual symbols. For example, one of the most common elements, pink, was related to the solar cult. Rosettes and shines are present in all combinations carried out in the three-way carving equipment. Geometric rubber was used in the house of the decoration of the Russian North and in the decoration of the buckle (see PPYALCA) and various household items, valks, roubles, cracking. Geometric visibility is found in the subjects from the New City excavations of 10 to 12 centuries. Such ornaments degrade the products of Western European craftsmen, masters of Central Asia.
At the end of the 19th century, the waves of interest in the arts of the people, the geometric rubber are beginning to be used extensively in architectures, furniture and interior details. This technique was used by the machine shops in Talaškin (see TALASHKINO), Abramsev (see ABRAVI), Low Novgorod, and professional artists used the ornament sketches. Today, the geometric rubbing is used mainly in small household items and souvenir production.