Геометрическая резьба по дереву схемы резьбы

Geometric Cutting Of Tree Drawings

Geometric ornaments, more complex, images of plants, animals and humans, are considered to be the simplest cutting.

Geometrical cut is relatively simple in performance. It is composed of elements cut in the background, including boreholes in the form of excavations and rays of different shapes and cut angles in the form of triangles. In geometric drawings, rectangular and square caps, three- and multi-charcoal stars, straight or round, in the net ornament or in the rod. Borbs and beams are cut mainly by a staple ear, and triangles and stars are stabbed or scalpelled. These cells are cut from an angle of 100 to 180 degrees.

The end-outline (linear) cutting is different from other means of cutting the deepening of the linear line relative to the background surface. The risk is clear and clear, especially on the dark background. The expression of lines gives products special beauty, inaccuracy in the drawing and in the execution of the rubble in such products is particularly visible. There is a need for a thin hunch and a sense of action in the ratio of disgrace and light, it is important to find a harmonious connection. Contour cuts are most commonly used for small items.

Like a tree rubber

The contour cutting has long been known in Russia ' s popular arts. It was stolen, for example, by farm furniture and fabrics in the Below City Department. The traditional contour cutting was carried out in a rough tree, sometimes its lines were slightly thinned. The modern contour cutting is most commonly carried on a dense darkness, and sometimes the black background is light lines with a knife, a scalpel or a staple corn. The pre-screen and paint, the rabbit and, if necessary, the polish, and then the drawings on the contour. The legs cut the contour, mainly a narrow line in two gears, first on the outside, and then on the inner side, the figure inclination of the knife to the middle. Cut marks shall be clean and the edges of the lamp shall not be damaged. The natural color of the tree on the lines is contrasting with the background. In some cases, the cut lines of the drawing are carefully filled with bronze in the powder, which looks very decorational on the black background, especially on women ' s jewels. Sometimes amateurs cover the contour art rubber with paint. For this purpose, the pencil is designed to produce contour, the elements shall be painted and processed as specified above.

Tree у Tools

The rubber tools have different shapes and dimensions. Using a set of about eight hermes, you'll be able to carry out a lot of wood rubbers.