Резьба по дереву | Ленточная пилорама

Figures For Wood Rubber

A drawing or a drawing of that line shall be made on the surface of the article in order to correctly position and perform the severe ornament. In these drawings and drawings, there is no need to achieve a high precision if the eye of the experienced cartridge sees no mistakes - the accuracy is sufficient. In many cases, only a drawing scheme can be made, which is especially possible. geometric cuttingwhen the cutting man performs the same ornament many times. The drawing or schema must be clean and understandable.

The drawings should be a soft pencil, and the lines may be thiner. Lines made with pressure are left on the woods of the mitten (especially on lips) and the rubber is often filthy. During the drawings, the right hand bone shall lie on the surface not below the product surface, the pencil shall be released from the fingers by at least 5-7 cm.

Well done, the collateral and the beautiful performance of the line.

First, we'll look at some of the drawing applications.

Removing the line parallel to the edges of the braces or articles. The basic reception with the most rapid and good results is shown in the figure. 66. The pencils are kept free, unpressed, the average finger is stuck in the edge of the braces all the time with the same force, the braces are held straight and farther from themselves, and the line moves the right hand to itself. The pencil has to be placed at a big angle on the surface of the brushe - cooler (figure 67). In this position, it will leave a thin, clear line, not a wide, vague. So when the line goes further away from the edge, you have to hide in a thumb, not a middle finger, but a non-named and even a bearer.

Rhys. 66. Core method of removing lines parallel to the edges
Rhys. 67. Correct and incorrect position of pencil when decommissioning lines

Lines, which are more than 5 to 6 cm from the edge, should be removed by linear.

Use the stubbornness (Figure 68). The pencil is tightly attached to the wall and moving along the corner.