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Esquisitions Of Chess Pieces For Wood Rubber

скульптура в резьбе по деревуSaudi Sculpture in wood

We propose. garden sculpture in wood♪ The figur is discharged manually, which means that incomprehensible, individual work is performed even on existing sketches. The figur, which came from the hands of our wood rubber shops, is capable of making your garden landscape complete, adding a raisin in its design and bringing elements of comfort and convenience.

For years, Sculpture Used extensively in parks and gardens to increase the sense of space. With the sculpture, you can ask for a certain topic of a part of the garden or the direction of the park alley. Often, the sculpture in the wood cutting becomes the center of the composite. The well-written figure in the natural landscape, draws attention and adds a shik.Деревянная скульптура охотника The sculpture must be placed in a garden or park where it looks well and does not spoil the view at the same time.

Frequently, slaughtered pieces in the garden or in the yard perform not only decorational functions but also practical. The sculpture may be a decor on its own, but may serve as a chair, a shop, a table. It's very important that the shape of the garden not only you like it, but it also corresponds to the style of the house and garden as a whole.

скульптура в резьбе по деревуThe modern wooden sculpture is actively used to process children ' s areas. The tree is decorated by yards, squares and other public places.

A significant proportion of our orders are for the design of childcare facilities: kindergartens, sites, homelands, parks, playgrounds, etc. Most of us are performed in the form of fabulous characters, animal figures or birds, painted by an artist with bright paints to make the kids feel better. Most of these figures are stylished and rounded, which makes children comfortable during games and prevents injuries and injuries.

Let the visitors of our resource get rid of the work presented. All of them are carried out from a whole saint or a tomb of natural humidity. If necessary, carry out the big figure. ♪ ♪