Эскизы для резьбы по дереву для начинающих: фотографии и рисунки

Esquisitions For Wood In Pencil

  • The original was written by James River’s in 2011. And went out to Woodcarvers workshop 7/7/2011
  • We're gonna need wood sprays to cut out (James recommend the use of lepu) with a size of 1*1*2 inches (1 inch equal to 2, 54 cm).

Little people can only be cut with one knife, although if you want, you can use other tools with ease during the cut. Everything will depend on your skills and the availability of tools.

The requirement for gloves is due to the fact that the product is small and there is a high probability of injuries during the residence.

We're putting on pre-prepared brass. The sketches of our little man♪ It could be like James with or without a long beard. You choose the formula yourself. Perhaps if you have a good spatial imagination, you might well have no sketch. On the braces, you have to carry a mark that will partially limit the field of your residence. The Esquis are glued with sticky cells that don't fit into wood.

James recommends that, at the beginning of the massacre, there be a slight deviation from the edge of the lines drawn on the sketches. This involves the possibility of correcting the shortcomings that may arise. Otherwise, in the case of marriage, you might need a new set. Don't worry about the sketches, eventually it'll be cut. You can just move the sketches to the braces through the spear.

Recreated brushes will help you accurately determine the location of the centre in preparation.

Leaded sketches should be matched by level (e.g. lots). The base of the harvest has a better way to back off, so we have more material left to shoe our man. In the same way, leave a few more back spaces, sticking or moving the sketches to the lateral surface of the set.