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Esquise For Gravity

Изображение с названием Engrave Stone Step 1


Part 1

Supplies required
  1. Find the right stone. The type of stone you need will depend on the level of your skill and future drawing.
    • For newcomers, the best way is to get stones with a flat surface that can be found on the bottom of the river.
    • The softer sedimentary species (peacher, limestone and argilla) is easier to drill.
    • Pay attention to the stones when you're on the beach, in the garden, etc. or just buy stones for gravitating in the nearest store of hobby and creativity.
  2. Get an electric graver or a brace. Cousin toothyl and hammer may also be used for gravity, but the electrical graver will greatly facilitate the process.
    • Choose a graver or a tarp with support for the replacement of the tip.
    • A superficial tip fits to gravitate more soft rocks like a sandman, limestone or agillite. Diamond tips should be used for harder stones and glass.
    • Grave tips vary in shape and width.Изображение с названием Engrave Stone Step 3 A standard, complete, hard-core end would be suitable for a simple image. Over time, you will be able to complicate your drawings with a cone tip that will allow for more detailed lines, as well as a cylindrical tip to create shadows and volumes.
    • An electric graver or a tarp can be bought at a construction store, a hobby and creativity store or on the Internet.
  3. Water pencil, marker or trafarette. By putting on the stone of future drawings, or by creating a trafar, you can avoid many mistakes in the grammar.
    • To carry the painting to the rock, it is possible to use flash pencils or markers.
    • A carton or acetate film will be suitable to create a simple trafaret. knife to cut
    • Blade wax and latex can be used as additional material for the stone.
  4. Use protective glasses. You'll have to use protective glasses during gravity. There are small particles and dusts in the air that are dangerous to the eye.
  5. Prepare the water tank. Prepare a water tank so that it can be loaded with a stone. So you'll be able to cool and clean the stone in the gravity process.
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