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Татуировка в стиле полинезияPolynesia tattoos among Europeans have gained popularity relatively recently in the first half of the twentieth century. Of course, they were fashioned, thanks to their complex, imaginary and unusually beautiful ornament consisting of spirals, waves, zigsagos, geometric features. Even modern world celebrities (e.g. John Dwayne) have become such tattoos.

Татуировка в стиле полинезия

But few people are thinking about their true, original, purpose. In an archaic polynesian culture, tattoos were not just for the decoration of the body, but they had a deep scrupulous meaning. They made contact with the predetermined upper world.

The very process of attaching the tattoo was a holy mystery, a ritual that only the priest could perform. Each drawing had its meaning influencing the fate of the host. This perception of the polynesian painting of the world comes to the images and rituals of the ancient Maori tribe.

Татуировка в стиле полинезияThe tattoo in Polynesia was a kind of card or, more precisely, played the role of authentication. She reported what kind and tribes belong to a man who possesses a social status, what advances and worthy actions in life have done than she was famous.

Polynesian tattoos, sealed in a photo, remind ancient Arts a tree not so much as an aesthetic function as a large scrub load. The tree in the firstborn, especially the total consciousness, was also delighted, inspired, equated with the human body.

Татуировка в стиле полинезия

The human body in mythological visions has been suited to the world, the universe and, as a matter of urgency, has divided into zones of intersection of different energy flows. It is these sections that have been drawn to draw drawings to close the influence of, for example, the negative, to make a life of good, to correct character, to change or to improve fate, as it rewrites. The result is directly envied from the image and associated symbols.

  • The worm in ancient polyinesian understanding represents the protection of an unprotected energy pancir, which will not allow any evil forces. It also brings health, family strength, longevity

And today, in our technological and civilized age, the tattoos on some Polynesian islands have not lost their scrupulous meaning and are used to communicate with the highest divines.