Художественное выпиливание лобзиком эскизы и чертежи / cкачать

Eskiza Lobster

It's a kind of creativity that turns your child into a real master. By creating pictures in beautiful and unusual technology, a small artist uses a special electrical device. The essence of this creative manner in a special way of shaping the tissue or tree. There is a hot needle that burns the ground, leaving the necessary drawings on it.

The burning of a tree for children has always been one of the most popular entertainment of young artists. As a result of this exercise, the child develops not only creativity but also the hardness of the hand and spatial imagination. The result of a small master ' s work can steal any house or become a pleasant present for close and friends. The child follows the lines set on the template or displays fantasy and creates sketches on a clean holst.

Specialities and varieties wood burning for children

The recruitments are typically composed of:

  • Clothes with pictures or a portable image on paper
  • wooden frame (in which the work takes over)

In the range of our Internet store, you will find both simple drawings that are best suited to start-up artists as well as more sophisticated minds and schemes.

This section presents kits not only for classic ignition, but also for hyllosing and lobstering.

Housing - a pretty new, but fast-growing type of creativity. The other name is tissue burning. The essence remains the same: just change the arsonist's boarding and create the arsonic napkins, original clothing, fashion applix on the accessories! Using a tissue burner needle, any damage can also be cut off when the product is treated.

Sets for lobster To help your child learn the old Russian art. It creates a pano, hot, hard paintings and other articles to steal an interior. Such kits include:

  • lobster with shifted beers
  • Figure
  • Plywood
  • detailed instruction

The site ' s artistic creativity machines are manufactured by Russian companies Vazy and Uzor, the quality of the stamps is checked over time, and they will serve you long and correctly.