Картины для бани

Baine Tree Recipe

резьба по деревуI would like to present to you my “project” and the sequence of the rubber in my style.

1. Step one. Launch

I've been looking at this board for the start-up, like, a swap and a standard size in all the known "Lurois Merchant" store, which I'll be working for the next four hours.

2. Step two. Marking, melting

Visually, I divided the length of the board into three essential and relevant articles, parts.

Sprayed in line.

3. Step three. A drawing.

The Internet is a very rich choice of images... and by choice, I take the necessary part of the drawing to my object. This is done by me, which is creatively precluding the copyright, since in the drawing process it becomes not an exact replica, but only a part of a picture, and the author ' s idea acquires its original description.

You can draw from the tree or from the sherbaria.

4. Step four. Rezeba.

Now we can proceed with the massacre. In this process, I use three kinds of rubbers: Tatyana stash and one Swiss stitch.

I'm doing a colossal cut on the outline of the drawing, and I'm cutting the staple under the contour, thereby shaping the drawing above the background.

After the production of the decoration volume, the sharp surface shall be shredded (extension No. 180, No. 220)

I add to the basic sketch of the steam in the form of clouds, which are subsequently cut off with a staple and screaming the clouds.


5. Step five. Morilka, lac.

Morilka puts a whistle in one layer all over the surface and seals the deepening of the second layer of the morile. After drying, I wash the braces of the diagram, which resulted in a voluminous image.

After the application of the lac with a cylinder 10 to 15 cm from the drawing (used polyurethane spray tank with furniture patch) the plate acquires a shiny and pleasant surface. This "Banca" sign after the lac's drying (12 hours) will be ready for use. And we're going to go to the second part of the board from the Marlene Liver, which will cut at least the original plate in addition.

6. Step six. Order!

I'm gradually moving the right image to the board. For the translation of the drawing, the picture is printed on the printer to the size of the board and transferred directly by means of a copy.
Then I'll cut out the drawing as well as the "bank in step four of the kittens and the stames. After that, you'll be screaming.

таблички сувениры деревянные заготовки для дачи