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A Tree Recipe For Sketches

Резные деревянные наличники на окна своими рукамиStreet windows are ancient practices. The tree recipe was in time, one of the most demanded professions, and now it's an application art.

Our ancestors thought that a clean force could penetrate the house through windows and doors. The cashier therefore served not only the decorative element, but also the orthodox, but every erroneous ornament and disgrace on the slaughtered cashier had a message. However, each region had its traditions.

Wooden cash on windows with their hands

The significance of the surges in cash is interesting.

  • The roof underlines strength.
  • The bird is an element connecting all the time.
  • The sun represents life and energy (usually on the coconut).
  • The snake symbolizes wisdom and fertility.
  • The cross demonstrates the desire of the masters for harmony between material and spiritual.
  • Rability shows a sense of unity with nature.
  • The earrings indicate the hostility of the house.

Symbols on rubber cash

Резные элементы деревянных наличников на окнаWooden cashiers rarely meet in cities with large-scale houses. However, in private construction, they are now being reused by making modern houses more stylish and non-repetitive. Emphasis is placed on the desire of many to revive traditions in the decor.

Today, the end-of-cashers perform a different function and not just wood. Metal, plastic (PVC), plywood and laminated MDF are distributed. With regard to the latter, MDF or plywood cash is not intended for external windows, only for the internal processing of door and windows.

It should be noted that the correct name of the external decoration of windows is cash. The cash is placed inside the premises.

Result elements of wooden cash on windows


  • the decoration of windows. For example, a cashier can visually pull a low house or expand a narrow house;
  • The opportunity to express their identity or to give home the style of a certain era or region;
  • Stress the style of the house and allow all buildings on the site to be integrated into a single architectural ensemble;
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