Художественная резьба по дереву для начинающих 2017 Москва — 2do2go

Wood Recipe Is A Class For Starters


Mandala - a simple drawing in a circle. Image does not require special rules, is spontaneously constructed, expressing internal reliance. The creation of mandals is the creation of an individual symbol that reflects our internal “i”. The circle is a symbol of the interactions of the different parts of the internal world with each other, and it triggers them to integrity. Mandala is a unique tool for self-development and self-identification that addresses important issues. For the guests of Rodnika Altai, we have organized a master class in the manufacture of mandals. Under the sensible leadership of the master, the class creates a mandal for itself and, of course, enjoys this infinite art!


It's a very fascinating exercise. In our sanatorium, we offer a toy master class. Toys from the wool can be done pretty quickly, even a rookie. The thorn is natural, very soft and subtle material, such a plate. The Master Class meets the bases of dry toys when the wools are sealed with special needles. This method also has a different name - fiction. At first glance, it may appear that vomiting is a very complex process and a rookie can't handle it. But you don't have to be afraid to start, but it's about patience, carefulness, desire and good company!


The tree resurrection is a fascinating exercise, where you can feel like a creator creating a real wooden story. Smash the asses of artistic or applied rubber under the influence of every person who wishes. We invite our guests to go to a skilled skilled technician and go home with a memorable souvenir. Get touched by an ancient people's craftsman and create gifts with your hands that make it warm!

Tea ceremony

Deteriorated tea culture - an important part of the spiritual life of the East, because the spirit of tea art brings people closer to nature and embodies natural values.

The traditional tea ceremony offers the opportunity to enjoy an excellent conversation at the company of friends, and to enjoy the taste of tea. Chinese say all five poems are involved in such a ceremony.