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Wood Recipe For Starting Photos

Резьба по дереву для начинающихThe tree recipe is one of the oldest arts, but today it remains very popular. The arts that are painted by a tree cutting become magnificent interior decorations, great gifts. And by the way, it's not that complicated.

The tree recipe is cross-cutting, relay, flat, sculpture. In turn, the cross-cutting cutting edge may be cutting and propellant, flat-wheeled, contour, codible, geometric, black, relayed, flat-rolef, Kudrin. There are also known wood cutting techniques.Tatiana" Copyright patented equipment, which appeared in the 1990s.

The tree recipe for starters is an excellent way to spend time with practically everyone. The starter will need a small set of tools for wood rubber (in the first place, there will be a knife with a 30-40-degree blade), simple pencils and paper for sketches, various measuring instruments (lineyaka, circulus, transporter) and, of course, wooden harvests for future products.

The tree recipe for starters is gradually absorbed. Preferably to start with a flat-wheeled geometric rubber on a tree. The simplest geometric cut is a triangle. There are a number of key features in this cutting: bruises, rumbs, winds, stars, pinks, squares, pyramids.

Basic techniques for the geometric triangle cutting of wood are cutting and pumping♪ Only two of these difficult receptions can begin to make their first hard work. It is easier to start a study of the basic geometric cutting techniques with simple pieces such as the brisket (the bracket and the knife needed to cut are shown in the drawings).

Bunny skiing is done. The knife goes into the working arm (right, right, left, left) so that the thumb falls on the cut portion of the pen. The cut edge of the knife shall be placed on the right side of the cut, and then pressed on the knife with such force that its socks deep into the tree by 2-3 mm. The blade of the knife should be removed before crossing the side line with the horizontal line.

Резьба по дереву для начинающих Резьба по дереву для начинающих