Вырезание из дерева: основные техники работы

Wood Cutting Machines For Starters

The tree area, which has long been stolen from dwellings, ships, furniture, dishes, labour instruments and recreational and recreational objects, is divided into the following main groups: flat-wheeled or in-depth, flat-wheeled, real-life, extended or arable, sculpture or large, home (corporate). In turn, each group is divided into several varieties, depending on the design and performance.

Basic rules and practices

These rules, which each cutting man must learn and comply, are crucial. First of all, the properties of wood need to be examined because each pond has certain qualities and textures unique to it, so there are differences in the treatment of different species. There is a need to know the diversity of the colour palitre, to be able to make the tree artificially (abundance, theft, thinning) the right colour and shade. In addition, it should take into account the ability of wood to be easily processed and purchased by smoothing or mattal glazing, to take a leaf, and the differences in the texture of the three main cuts - longitudinal, transverse and thorns.

The execution of the rubble in any equipment necessarily begins with the attachment of the caste by the Powers or other devices.

The practical experience gained in the work will indicate the right choice of technology in the manufacture of rubber products, but in any case the cuts and cuts of the profile forms are built on the three main points of preparation. Let's see them better.

(b) The cut on the thoracic surface. The cut on the thoracic surface always comes from the edges to the middle. When attempting to cut from the middle to the edges, it will inevitably lead to splinters and slaps.