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Tree Recipe For Starters

Деревянная резьбаPeople who choose to create decoration objects in their own hands can learn the artwork. Drevesin is a material to create generosity paintings and decorative composites. Such products can be demolished and made available to acquaintances. It's wooden products at the top of popularity. Lessons from trees in large numbers are available online.

Selection of raw materials

The quality of the product depends on the right choice of raw materials. There are solid and soft timber products. Each class differs with its own advantages and minus, a specific processing technique is selected for each case.

Геометрическая резьба по деревуThe most commonly used species are:

  • Lip
  • Bear
  • Osin
  • My dear.

Flexible varieties are easier to process, but they are easier to distort by one incorrect movement of a speech tool.

For solid classes:

  • oak
  • Red tree
  • beech
  • He's coming.

Solid timber products have higher costs, but they also receive beautiful, unusual and popular items. Such materials are most commonly produced by a master with experience who knows the thinness of solid surface treatment without damage to the instrument or injury. Therefore, wood rubber for starters is more accessible from soft wood.

The choice should focus not only on hardness but also on the shade of raw materials. For young masters, it'll be perfect for the breeze. It can be processed in different directions. She'll do a great job and cut.Уроки резьбы по дереву For the first job, we need a small set to cut wood.

Types of residence

The tree recipe belongs to plastic art. Sculpture and volume sculpture. Removal devices should be introduced at the beginning. These options are possible:

  • geometric
  • flat
  • a duty station
  • deaf cutting with the fountained background
  • Excision contour
  • Consignment.

But it's not the list. Classifications are often different because our State is large enough. In different regions, the names of the same equipment may be different. But the work remains the same. All young masters start with a geometric cutting. It's light and beautiful.

Geometrical wood rubber