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Tree Graft For Starters

Best graves for work and creativity

In this article, we'll introduce you to the best and most popular moulds of graviers. Graver is a tool, albeit highly specialized, but in its kind, universal. Discuss yourself:

  • Do you need to make a metal, glass, village, stone? Well, press a suitable tensage and start drawing on the graver surface like a pencil.
  • Smoke paint in a hard-to-reach place, smash the surface? ? Abrasive circles and round cuts for graviers are also in stores and in tool kits.
  • When two-stroke motors were used, the gravels were already a mandatory tool, which is the most convenient way to push and sliph the windows in the cylinders.

Anyway, even if you need a grover for just a couple of days, it makes sense not to take it for a while, but to get used permanently, he can always find a job. Today, we'll try to figure out what the market is offering, and we'll choose the best of 2016.

Best batteries

Speaking of the best grovers, not mentioning Dremel's firm is not possible, moreover, it actually repeated Xerox's fate by enlarging the graver as a whole class of instrument with a sustainable name called "driver." Model 8200 deserves not only its stamp, but also the attention of buyers is a compact (single 600 grams) instrument that is very convenient in the work.

The gravier's spindle is torn to 30,000 revolutions per minute, the revolutions themselves are regulated by a crawl in the rear of the shell. There is also a section for a modern lithium-ion battery, which will have a maximum load of 15 minutes of continuous operation, but it will only be loaded in an hour, and approximately the same will work the battery with real rest breaks and average loads. It is only a pity that there is no spare battery in the package, and the original Dremel of the roads is, however, the batteries from the " green " Bosch series are perfectly compatible with it and costly.

The non-machine plus Dremel 8200 is an automatic brake: if the normal gravier continues to rotate inertia after deactivation, it stops immediately with the engine. It adds safety to the instrument.

There's no flexible sleeve in the kit, although it can be wrapped on a rubber hidden under the decorative ring at the back. There's a pen here that makes the use of the gravier in artistic work more convenient.

Main benefits:

  • Mobile engine
  • Lithium-ion battery


  • There's no spare battery and sleeve in the kit.

9.8 / 10



An expensive, but very comfortable grover, and also a high-profile and powerful one. I just wish I could recharge the battery a lot.

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