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Simple Wood Cut For Starters

The tree recipe is a fascinating exercise that does not require special skills and many experience. Smash the asses of artistic or applied rubber under the influence of every person who wishes.

Training needs to be started with the necessary tools. The initiator is well equipped with a blade, a wooden blade, stationery tools (linear, pencil) and sketch papers. Esquis is a painting to cut a future product.

The main methods of work are simple and understandable: it is cutting and rocking. It's better to start with a geometric cutting, which is considered to be the simplest. The base of the geometric cutting is rumbs, squares, pyramids.

If you're in charge of the materials yourself, make sure that the tree is dryed in the shadows or under the hang. The best time for material preparation is the autumn and winter, due to the slowing down of cogeneration.

Surface failure is better simulated by manual cutting, so it is not desirable to clean the surface to perfect smoothness.

Basis of wood

For the material to be free of the pits and bulbs, the cut must be inclined, relative to the wood layer, and in the direction of the coming fibres.

Rolling machines

First, we're going to set up a setup using a template. Then they drink the ornament, at the drawing office. It is now possible to move to the cutting using different stasis and knives. The last stage is sequential work, the product needs to be cleaned with a silk paper and, if desired, covered with paw, morphine, paint.

You can learn how to use videos online.

There's a lot of learning videos on the network for starters on wood. You can also sign up. Wood rubber lessons In my town. The skilled masters will introduce you to various cutting techniques, help select material and necessary tools.

The tree recipe is an interesting and useful time traveling, by which you will be able to produce exclusive gifts to the loved ones or steal the house of your own will.