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Bormashin Tree Recipe For Starters

We are often asked: What borms we use to cut through the bone and how much better we buy, What's the point? We therefore decided to write a brief overview, based solely on our personal experience over the years of work. It should be noted immediately that there is no universal burglary. The broad choice of different Bormachine models, presented in the market, does not rarely confuse the starters. Each Bormachine has its characteristics and is intended for certain purposes.

What kind of bormachine?

It's not really difficult to select a borm that fits the bone or tree to cut among a lot of market offers. The gears vary by engine power, speed(s) per minute and torque.

Very often, the number of turnovers is noted, but in practice the number of 30,000 / mins is redundant and very rarely applied in the rubber. For example, a large blank is worth 10,000 / min, but small bats sometimes require more than 20,000 ubs/min. There is unfortunately no one who can withstand both high loads of a large fresco and capable of working at high turns for long periods. Therefore, the most important and only right choice will be the acquisition of at least two bormachines with different characteristics.

Optimum solution wood or bones will acquire the following borms:

  1. A big bormachine with a tight tip.
  2. Compact micromotor capable of working at high turns.

Technical Borms

In the initial stage, a strong technical burglar is needed to tighten the fountain with a six-mm tail. Lovers can save and skill some costs by making the Bormachine their own hands, for example, a washing machine or other powerful engine, and by using a time-transfer, we can connect to the arm from the Bormachine, but we'll still have to pick up the sleeves and ends. That's one of the cheapest choices we've ever used. It may be noted from the minus that sleeves adapted to the time transfer are now difficult to find and they are not reliable, because they are originally intended for dental purposes and are no longer used.