Основы резьбы по дереву для начинающих

Basis Of Wood Cutting

Forests from time immemorial serve a man, it is used in construction, in the manufacture of business. The unique properties of the material enable it to be applied in agriculture and enterprises. The tree has a number of unique properties: turf, strength, plastic, smell.

Master wood It is desirable to have knowledge of the physical, mechanical, chemical parameters of wood that can be an important factor in the creation of the product. Fishwood has a huge amount of water, up to 80 per cent, and this percentage decreases several times after drying. The wood can be considered as dry if the percentage of humidity does not exceed 8 per cent. The smell of wood material is not the last part of the building of the house, baths, there's a preference for food, pine, but for the wine barrel, we need to use sawnwood from the oak.
Mechanical parameters should be considered as: strength, durability, elasticity. The thoracic cut is the strongest, and the radial is much weaker, except for the bereza, it has a minor hardness with a thangent cut. It should be known that water-saturated wood is weaker than dry.

drevesina dlya rezbiIf the tree device is identified, the most important parts can be identified: the crown, the barrel, the roots. The most valuable part of the wood stem. Drinking it into the constituent parts, you can see a lot of layers. The tree is dark and the shell is much lighter, it is closer to the edges of the tree. You can see the layers in the crust: probe, blue. The outer layer protects the tree against mechanical and adverse environmental impacts. The inner layer provides wood with nutrients. There's another layer of cambia, it's located after the cow, there's a cell birth.

The most vocabulary is the heart, the tissue formed the first, so it is the oldest and vulnerable to rotting. The trees receive food from the heart beams inside the barrel, there is a movement of juice from the centre to the measles. Pilot has a unique texture that has been altered over the years, has its original tent, fibre. Less visible from the lip, olchi, shores.